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Families Change Guide to Separation & Divorce

4.7 - Battle Zone

4.7 - Battle Zone

Mother: Hi, Jenny. Hi, Susie. How’s my girls?

Susie: We saw an elephant!

Mother: Did you guys go to the zoo? Was it fun?

Susie: And you know what it was doing?

Mother: What was it doing?

Susie: It had a big big neck and and it was rolling in mud and and… 

Father: Hey, Susie, don’t forget your bunny. I brought them back ten minutes early. Are you happy?

Mother: Jenny, does your wrist still hurt? 

Jenny: Yeah, my wrist still hurts.

Mother: Didn’t you take her to the medicentre?

Father: No – she wasn’t  complaining.

Susie: Hey, Mom! Look what Bunny learned how to do at the zoo.

Mother: Girls, take your things upstairs, okay? Put your dirty clothes in the hamper. You have to ask her. She’s not going to complain to you. God. She’s afraid. She’s afraid you’ll get mad, and you do. You get mad over nothing.

Father: I do not get mad at the kids for being sick. You make me sound like some kind of a monster.

Mother: Right, you only get mad when they mess up your busy schedule. God, you always were too busy to be a dad. That is why you are too stupid to take your kid to  doctor. You are the most pathetic excuse for a parent!

Father: For Christ’s sake, Carol. We don’t live together anymore. Leave me alone.

Mother: I wish I could. Oh, I wish I never had to see your stupid face again! But I do because you’re their dad, and because you’re so stupid that you don’t even know when to take your kid to a doctor, I’m going to have to take them now and they’re going to be up late!

Father: Never mind, I’ll take Jenny to the medicentre right now!

Mother: You wouldn’t even know how. You’ve never taken them before.

Father: Right, nobody else knows how to take care of kids! How would the rest of the world get by without you telling them what at every goddamn step of the way!? Come on, Jenny, I’ll take you to the medicentre right now! 

Mother: Don’t listen to your dad. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Father: You know what’s the matter with you? You’re the most stubborn fatass know-it-all that ever breathed! 

Mother: Get out. Get out! Just go!