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Families Change Guide to Separation & Divorce

1.4 - Course Overview

1.4 - Course Overview

Throughout Online PAS, you will learn about your own emotions and behaviours, as you work through the stages of separation. You will learn about strategies to deal with separation issues in a more constructive manner.  You will also be introduced to parental behaviours that support and hinder a child’s ability to cope with the stages of separation.

Online PAS has four main topic sections.

  • Dealing with Legal Issues
  • The Parents' Experience
  • The Child's Experience
  • New Parental Relationship

Each section can be completed individually or they can all be done at once. The time it takes to complete the course will vary depending on your unique circumstances. Most people take 2–4 hours to complete this online course.

You can choose to view any of the videos more than once, do the interactive exercises multiple times and pause at any time to review the PAS Handbook or other resources. By the end of the course, you will have learned more about the legal process of separation, and you will have some new strategies to help you and your children deal with the separation.