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Families Change Guide to Separation & Divorce

1.1 - Preparing to Study

1.1 - Preparing to Study

Before we start Online PAS, we have some suggestions to help you complete the course:

  1. Choose a time when you will be able to study without interruptions.  You can start and stop the course at any time, but it is best to be able to devote your full attention to the material.
  2. Recognize the stress you may be under because of your family situation. Understand that some of the things discussed in this course may make you feel emotional or sad.
  3. Try to be positive about what you are learning so that you can get the most benefit from the course. To get a better understanding of the course, you may want to look at the course outline and read some of the material in the PAS Handbook. This will make you see the bigger picture and prepare you for taking the course. You may wish to save the Handbook on your computer.